switchresx download free for Mac

switchresx download free for Mac

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switchresx download free for Mac provides you unparalleled control on the monitor’s resolution.

  • Resolution Management
  • Monitor resolution
  • Color thickness
  • Video mirroring
  • Display spinning
  • Screen overscan


  • Conserve your background design, locking and keeping window and icon positions for each your open programs each time you start up your Mac.
  • SwitchResX lets you restore your desktop computer after resolution-altering events such as disconnecting or connecting your screen.
  • Disable or deactivate a screen without unplugging it, letting you utilize your
  • MacBook into clamshell mode using an external monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • Connect your screen settings with program events: Essential shortcuts, Apple Scripts, Program launches and much more.
  • Take full control over your screen resolution: Advanced features enable you to create and empower new resolutions to your screen, HDTV, Plasma or LCD display or Video Projector.

What is New at SwitchResX:

  • Corrects first crashes and bugs with macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Adapted the UI to match Dark Mode at Mojave
  • remains working on OS X 10.6 into macOS 10.14 (9 macOS models!)
  • Changed some icons from the UI to marginally modern ones
  • Deprecates the SwitchResX Extension (that will be no longer installable on Mojave)
  • Corrects a crash when editing Screen Modes directly from the Software attributes
  • Corrects a bug when saving icons places when using a Screen Set
  • Corrects a problem where dispersed resolutions from clipboard would
  • constantly have adverse horizontal sync
  • Enabled copy/paste Customized resolutions directly from record, or present resolutions to readily create a custom one
  • Slightly altered searchable code for exhibiting frequencies
  • Remembers the preceding edited screen in a Screen Place

Prerequisites for SwitchResX

  • Intel
  • OS X 10.6 or afterwards

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