switchresx beta free download for Mac

switchresx beta free download for Mac

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switchresx beta for Mac is a utility which lets users override the default resolution settings. To learn more, including download links below.


• Saving desktop Designs to get everything back into Place right Now, you jump back into a certain resolution                                                                                                             • Disable or trigger displays on demand, such as to use a Macbook in clamshell style
• Link displays to particular events such as Crucial shortcuts, Applescript, Program launches and much more
• Produce and empower brand new custom resolutions to accommodate to any accessible display, such as displays inbuilt into automobiles
• Rename resolutions to useful and regular terms including Gambling, Documents, Graphics, Presentation, TV etc..
• Organize desktop things on a far finer grid than Apple’ normal settings
• Maintain a list of any change in display setting automatically

Disabling System Integrity Protection (SIP)

  • If you’re running OSX 10.11 or high, SIP has to be disabled. To disable SIP do the following:
  • Boot to the recovery partition by pressing CMD + R when starting up your Mac.
  • After in retrieval mode, start a terminal window.
  • Sort the control csrutil disable
  • Update

switchresx beta download for Mac

Including Custom Settings

  • After launch SwitchResX, choose the external screen from the list on the left side.
  • Select the ‘Custom Resolutions’ tab.
  • Insert a new customized resolution be clicking on the + symbol at the bottom of the window.
  • Correct the settings to match the suitable PNG supplied within this gist.
  • Press Ok’
  • Close to SwitchResX and save if prompted.
  • Restart your Mac.

After following these steps, you need to have the ability to adjust the resolution of your screen that is external via the Screen’ window in System Preferences.

How To Download:

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